Endoscopic Face Lift

Endoscopic FaceliftThe endoscopic face lift allows surgeons to avoid the traditional ear-to-ear incision along, or in the hairline. The Facelift procedure, or Endolowerface, is indicated for the improvement of the tissue saggines around the lower face, with some improvement around the jawl.

It can be combined with full or lateral forehead, you can obtain improvement of total sagginess of the eyebrow, tissue saggines of the upper eyelid, wrinkles of the forehead, frown lines and part of the crow’s feet wrinkles.

Combining it with the lateral forehead you can get improvement of the sagginess of the lateral portion of the brow (“tail of the brow”), sagginess of the upper eyelid and part of the crow’s feet wrinkles.

The illustration demonstrate the incisions used for the endoscopic approach on elliptical pink color; and the pink shaded area shows the area treated in this procedure.