Restructural Serum

DermaMedics dermal restructuring serum pm

What is DermaMedics’ Dermal Restructuring Serum PM?

Many cosmetic  products on the market contain derivatives of the known anti-aging hormone,Vitamin A, including retinaldehyde, retinol and retinyl palmitate. Although more mild than the prescription compound, retinoic acid, retinaldehyde, retinol and even retinyl palmitate, can still increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. The reason for the increased skin redness, and irritation caused by Vitamin A when skin is exposed to sunlight has now been determined through research studies on human skin cells. When cultured cells are exposed to UVA and UVB radiation they produce an inflammatory hormone called PGE-2. It is this hormone, which is now linked to skin cancer, that is largely responsible for a sunburn. Skin cell culture studies have shown that while retinoids themselves don’t increase PGE-2 levels in skin cells, retinoids act synergistically with UV radiation (sunlight) to AMPLIFY the production of PGE-2 to levels 3-5 times what would be produced in skin cells exposed only to UV radiation. This is the reason that the use of Vitamin A products should be accompanied by the use of sunscreens. Unlike other Retinol-based anti-aging products, DermaMedics’ Restorative Serum is a unique cosmetic silicone blend of both Vitamin A and Therosol (4-propyl guaicol), the company’s proprietary antioxidant. By combining these two ingredients, skin redness that is common when using Retinol-based products is reduced.

How do I use Dermal Restructuring Serum PM?

  1. Cleanse Always apply Dermal Restrucuring Serum PM to clean skin. Patient should only cleanse with DermaMedics’ Foaming Facial Cleanser. This cleanser is soap-free, pH balanced but is so gentle that it will not dry out the skin. Avoid the use of other cleansing “soaps” as they can dry the skin and may make your skin condition worse.
  2. Dermal Restructuring Serum PM After cleansing in the evening, apply a SMALL amount of Dermal Restrucuring Serum PM to the face or other areas of concern. Spread the product evenly over the face and allow the product to absorb naturally. Do not rub it in. If more moisturization is required, once the Dermal Restrucuring Serum PM is absorbed the application of Facial Moisturizing Treatment is recommended. Dermal Restrucuring Serum PM is designed as a night treatment. However, if applying Dermal Restrucuring Serum PM in the morning, the use of a zinc oxide sunscreen is recommended.


Are there any concerns I should know about regarding the use of Dermal Restructuring Serum PM?

As with any skin care product, test for skin sensitivty by applying the product to a small (nickel size) area for 2 days. If no reaction develops, product can be used over larger areas of skin.